IMS has long been a pioneer in the world of services to offshore financial and other entities.  We recognised early on the potential for the funds industry in the Cayman to grow the jurisdiction to become a premier financial centre, ranking only behind the likes of London and New York.

We were one of the first providers of independent directors to hedge funds in the Cayman Islands and pride ourselves on being one of the premier firms in the space – many other providers of director services have modelled themselves on us.

In a nutshell, the Cayman Islands has ensured its strong position by providing a balanced regulatory approach with a legal system based on English common law, which, coupled with its inherent political stability has meant that the jurisdiction has been, and continues to be, attractive to domicile a hedge fund structure.  Licensing and regulatory requirements do not require local custodians, investment managers or directors, as it is accepted that relevant stakeholders are suitably regulated or controlled either in or outwith the Cayman Islands.

Bearing in mind that hedge funds are aimed squarely at professional, institutional and sophisticated investors, the law in the Cayman Islands does not place restrictions on investment objectives, risks, leverage or other commercial matters etc., provided the fund offering documents fully describe the same as well as the equity interests investors may subscribe for.

Please view the other pages within this Cayman Funds section of our site to fully appreciate the benefits of domiciling your investment fund in the Cayman Islands with directors provided by IMS.

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